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New Unique Opportunity for Virtual Urban Development

A new initiative called Virtual Gothenburg Lab will create a unique opportunity for the testing and development of work approaches, tools and methods for visual, digital and virtual work. Virtual Gothenburg Lab is connected to the city's digital twin, Virtuella Göteborg, and supports the City of Gothenburg's urban development, which can be an impetus for change.

geoforum_180514_2.jpg- We are happy and proud that we have received the financing for Virtual Gothenburg Lab. It gives us the possibility of creating a test bed for everyone who wants to learn about our digital twin and create innovation and social benefit by working smarter based on the city's collective information, says Eric Jeansson, geodata strategist at the urban planning office in Gothenburg.
Virtual Gothenburg Lab is made possible thanks to financing from Vinnova and the combined efforts of the public sector, the commercial sector and academics. Together with the Digital Twin City Centre at Chalmers and the work with Virtuella Göteborg, Sweden now has the opportunity to become world-leading in the area of digital twins for cities. The initiatives approach the same target area from different perspectives and create greater benefit together.

Virtual Gothenburg Lab is managed by Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Part and the City of Gothenburg and have strong representation from the commercial sector, academics and regional parties. This ensures a stable foundation with respect to how a digital twin for a city can be used and shaped. 
lindholmen_asa_andblad_kopia_0.jpg- The initiative creates fantastic opportunities to advance the usability of Virtuella Göteborg within urban development and for quicker development towards a digital, cross-boundary work approach, says Åsa Andblad, project manager for the preparatory project and the registration, as well as the creative manager at Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park.


Virtual Gothenburg Lab - Project Partners
City of Gothenburg (urban planning office, the traffic administration office, Kretslopp och vatten, social resource administration, consumer and resident services, Intraservice), Lindholmen Science Park, Visual Arena, AI Innovation of Sweden, Business Region Göteborg, Göteborgs Regionen, Universeum, RISE Interactive, Chalmers Technical University, Volvo Cars, Tengbom, Berge, ÅF, Ramboll, Insert Coin, HiQ, OutHere, Atvis, Bumbee Labs, Unicornsulting, Ordrum.

Virtuella Göteborg
For Gothenburg's 400-year anniversary in 2021 ,a digital twin, a three-dimensional copy of the city will be built, Virtuella Göteborg. The virtual environment will be a reflection of the physical environment and can connect information that describes the city. It will be possible to use Virtuella Göteborg for, among other things, planning and discussions relating to urban development and future innovation within the city.

What is a test bed?
By test bed, Sweden's innovation authority means a physical or virtual environment of one or multiple public parties. It is a place where companies, non-profit organisations, academics, institutions and other organisations can collaborate in development, testing and introduction of products, services and processes, etc.

Contact details

Åsa Andblad

Eric Jeansson
031-368 17 83