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Norm-creative visualization in urban development 

Photo: White Arkitekter

A preliminary study, “Norm-creative visualization in urban development,” was conducted in 2015-2016. The study shows that visualizations used in urban development processes are frequently stereotypical in terms of age, gender, functional range and ethnicity. However it also demonstrates the potential to use visualizations to highlight and pursue norm-critical perspectives in urban development processes in order to achieve innovative norm-creative solutions.

The project is being run by Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park, in collaboration with White arkitekter, Skanska, RISE and Chalmers Architecture. Collectively, the parties represent research, implementation and dissemination. The project is linked to a reference group comprised of people with norm-critical and intersectional expertise, representatives of Swedish municipal planning practices and a visualization researcher. The participants in the reference group are: the City Planning Authority, the City of Gothenburg; Älvstranden Utveckling AB; the City of Malmö; the City of Borås; and Eskilstuna Municipality; as well as Monica Billger, professor in visualization; Afrah Nasser, human rights-activist and journalist from Jemen; Hanna af Ekström, functionalism-activist and doctoral student at HDK; and Mariana Alves, queer-activist and research scientist.
More information
Project Manager Petra Juhlin, Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park
Development Manager: Marcus Jahnke, RISE
Monitoring Manager: Julia Fredriksson, Chalmers Architecture