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Quick-and-dirty prototyping - design experiences from Genikampen

1 november 2016 13:15
Windows at floor 3, Kuggen, Lindholmen
Welcome to the Open Seminar in Interaction Design: Josef Wideström presents "Quick-and-dirty prototyping - design experiences from Genikampen”.

Genikampen (The Battle of the Genius) is a Swedish TV gameshow, where 12 supposedly intelligent contestants solve puzzles and design and build stuff under stressful conditions. One of the participants, Josef Wideström, will share some experiences from these competitions from a design perspective. In the seminar we will discuss design processes, prototyping and collaboration, examplified by video clips from the given challenges.

Josef Wideström is an architect by education and is now working with teaching and research at the division of Interaction Design, Chalmers.

The eighth and final episode of Genikampen was broadcasted on Sunday October 16 on SVT1 and SVT Play. All episodes can be found here: http://www.svt.se/genikampen

Arrangeras av Interaction Design division at Applied IT Gothenburg University and Chalmers.