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Workshop for young researchers: Can ICT and computer gaming help us to solve environmental problems?

9 juni 2015 09:30 till 16:00
Mistra, Gamla Brogatan 36-38 111 20 Stockholm
Society and the environment face major challenges which will persist and probably worsen unless decisive action is taken. Mistra plan a workshop for young researchers to explore and discuss the possibilities available to us for using the potential of ICT and computer gaming to contribute to finding solutions to environmental problems.

The workshop should highlight areas of interest for further development and indicate topics for future research activities. A documenting listing subjects and priorities will be produced during the workshop and presented at its conclusion. Young researchers in the current context include; students completing final year projects, PhD students, researchers having recently, up to 3 years, been awarded a PhD. Ages will probably range from 25 – 35 years. Participants from all disciplines are welcome to participate in the workshop. The number of participants will be limited to 15. Participants will be selected in order to achieve a diverse mix. Are you interested in joining the workshop? Send a short application to chris.welch@mistra.org. Please include relevant information such as discipline, current employment or education situation and age.

Discussion leaders: Molly Webb, Zennström Philanthropies. Jan Bosch, Chalmers.