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Architectural Visualization Day

Architectural Visualization Day is an annual meeting place for architectural visualizers, 3D graphic designers and others with interest in the visual realism, artistic creations and visualization technology. Together we contribute to innovation, new partnerships and strengthen visualization skills!


An opportunity for exchange of knowledge and inspiration

Architectural Visualization Day is an opportunity and a forum for exchange of knowledge and inspiration in architecture visualization. The event is being organized with the aim of demonstrating how architecture can be visualized to facilitate everything from decision processes to planning. Over two days, visualizers, 3D artists, software developers, students and other interested parties met at Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park. 

Cooperation for success

It was five years ago that a group of visualizers from various architecture firms in Gothenburg decided the city needed a meeting venue for architectural visualization. Today, AVD is one of Visual Arena’s largest events with participants from across the globe and tickets sold out in just one week. 

“AVD in Gothenburg maintains a high international standard. At the same time, the seminar retains a pleasant and intimate atmosphere, which is a major advantage for triggering discussion and new meetings.”


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Architectural Visualization Days is arranged by Visual Arena in cooperation with visualizers at: 

Råformat Visualiseringsbyrå and White


Comments from our guests:

"AVD is a great experience. It is a good sized venue and it's just the right amount of information for one day. I had a great experience as i did last year."  
Visitor, 2015

“I hope to be able to convey the message that we are all facing the same challenges in our industry, irrespective of whether one is self-employed or part of a large well-established company.” 
Jason Bergeron, Architect at Luxigon.

“I am extremely interested in architectural visualization and I have paid for my trip myself. In Japan, very few people work in this area and I hope to learn a lot that I can teach to others when I come home,”  
Daichi Hagiwara, visitor 2017.

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