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Visual Arena works to stimulate and strengthen development within and with the aid of visualization. Together with our members and our network, we identify trends, needs and topical questions that should be addressed.

We contribute to the dissemination of research and benefit both companies and society. We offer a visualization environment and a meeting place where we gather, take advantage of and promote people's knowledge, new thinking and commitment. Examples of roles we can have and resources we can add to projects:

  • Run project initiatives
  • Project owner
  • Project manager
  • Work package manager
  • Visualization expertise
  • Visualization environment and technology
  • Communication and dissemination in Lindholmen Science Park's extensive network
3D visualization of Gothenburg

Help and strengthen the work for a sustainable future

Visual Arena is a neutral platform that brings together actors from business, industry, universities and institutes, cities, regions, authorities for collaboration and projects that lead to new ways of visualizing to help and strengthen work for a sustainable future.

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Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Visualization as a democratizing tool

Together with our partners, we capture needs and ideas that can lead to projects and in the long run to implementation in reality. It enables new, innovative visualization solutions that help businesses and individuals in everyday life, enrich our way of expression and become a democratizing tool.

Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab


By visualization we mean a way of communicating, a tool that broadens our ability to describe and helps us to understand and experience. Visualization can bridge barriers, simplify and clarify, create the power of change, illustrate the thought and the measured, to name a few valuable qualities.


Founding partners are the City of Gothenburg, Chalmers, the University of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland and Lindholmen Science Park. 

Steering committee

Visual Arena’s steering committee consists of representatives from partners and members (replaced every other year) and additional expert(s).

The steering committee consists of:

  • Peter Öhman, Lindholmen Science Park AB, Chairman 
  • Eric Jeansson, City Planning Office, City of Gothenburg
  • Monica Billger, Visualization & Architecture, Chalmers
  • Staffan Björk, Interaction design, University of Gothenburg
  • Andreas Göthberg, Business Region Göteborg
  • Staffan Truvé, Recorded Future
  • Fredrik Mueller, Qualisys
  • Anders Ynnerman, Linköping University  
  • Convener: Åsa Andblad, Lindholmen Science Park


We want to broaden the partnership in Visual Arena and bring in actors from all over the country and strengthen our international alliances, so that we can create activities and projects that engage and affect more people.

Visual Arena is run as a program at Lindholmen Science Park and is funded by the City of Gothenburg and the Västra Götaland region, as well as Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg.