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If you want to get involved in Visual Arena's operations, we have a partnership. As a partner, you contribute to Visual Arena's activities in various ways, such as involvement in focus areas, strategy advice, project applications, project participation, making technology available, joint events and knowledge dissemination.

In the same way, Visual Arena is expected to contribute value for you as a partner, for example drive by running collaborative projects, dialogue meetings, offer a visualization environment for testing, demo and networking, run open activities for and with you as a partner.

Here are examples of stakeholder groups that are valuable in continuous collaboration to create and drive innovation around visualization:

  • Needs owners (eg need to improve the business's way of visualizing data)
  • Owner/creator of content that is designed (eg datasets, teaching materials, information, illustrations, productions)
  • Visualization technology - supplier, software/hardware (eg contributes with VR glasses, motion capture equipment)
  • Visualization technology - developer, software/hardware (eg products and services)
  • Application and method developer (applies existing content, technology, method for different purposes)

You do not pay a fee to be a partner at present.

Registration of interest

Are you a company that develops products and/or services for visualization?

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