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Experience VR/360 and sound – Afternoon sandwich

Visual Arena, Lindholmspiren 5 bv, Lindholmen Science Park

Come and experience VR, an introduction to spatial sound, and an IRL sandwich.

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Visual Arena Lindholmen

Come and experience the best narrative content with the best equipment. We have several Oculus Rifts and Vives! 

Tim Bishop, audio designer and sound artist, will also provide an introduction to spatial sound. We will provide sandwiches and something to drink, and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the dramatic arts and film as regards 360-degree films.

Narrative VR Lab has a deadline of January 15, 2018; that evening, you will have opportunities to ask questions and meet others interested in VR. 

The event is free of charge, and is limited to a maximum of 70 places. It is open to everyone, but a notice of attendance is required before December 18.