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#gbgtechweek strives to make Gothenburg one of the best tech communities in the world! During one week, several diverse and inspiring events, covering the full range from tech to business, is hosted for the public in Gothenburg.

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#gbgtechweek & Business Region Göteborg

Do you want to know more about the Gothenburg startup community? Do you want to work or invest in a startup? Or do you want to take your startup to the next level? Then #gbgtechweek, which runs from 21-26 May, is for you! 


Business Region Göteborg is participating in or has co-arranged some of the events that will be held here at Visual Arena May 22nd.

Check out the whole schedule from Business Region Göteborg here


Want to know more about what will go down during next week?
Check out the whole program for #gbgtechweek