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How to accelerate the transformation from Physical to Virtual

16 June 2020 14:00
Live Digital XR Event Immersive technologies, XR, VR, AR? Are these just cool technologies? How can we use them and what value can they bring to organizations?

ESI and Visual Arena welcome you to an immersive webinar on June 16th where we will discuss around the challenges and benefits of using these technologies.

In today’s situation it’s even more important to enable collaboration virtually in "immersive design reviews", engineering teams can evaluate human-centric product and process interactions. Thereby recognizing potential assembly risks that may arise to adjust the design or procedure, when needed, to prevent issues from escalating during production.

Why attend?

  • Hear how and why companies use Immersive technologies today
  • Understand how to achieve lead time, cost, and downtime reduction targets of your product development by using immersive technologies
  • How Human-Centric Validation enables you to evaluate design concepts to identify, resolve, and mitigate issues
  • Enable collaboration between globally distributed team members & suppliers for optimal cross-functional team performance


Read more and register here

Arranged by ESI and Visual Arena.