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Real-time Previz and virtual scouting as creative development tool


What happens if you let a film director, a production designer and a cinematographer physically step inside the world of their imagination to develop their project in a virtual space? Listen to the case study: Danish drama series "Erobreren" (“The Conqueror")

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Nordisk Film Fonden and organized by Vision Denmark in collaboration with film industry professionals

In 2019 director Per Fly, production designer Niels Sejer and cinematographer Jasper Spanning attended PICTURE THIS_19 and immediately after took a 3D model of the set designs for their new project “The Conqueror”, a historical drama series set in the 19th Century Copenhagen, to the newly established virtual film studio RIG21.

In this session, the core creative team of “The Conqueror”, will invite us into their virtual development room to demonstrate the real technical, practical and creative advantages and pitfalls of working with real-time previz and virtual scouting in the early development stages of the drama series as a way to push creative collaboration and cinematic storytelling.

“The Conqueror” is a new historical drama series in development by producer Meta Louise Foldager of SAM Productions. The series is based on volumes 2 - 4 of the major Danish literary classic "Pelle the Conqueror" by Martin Andersen Nexø. Head writer is Rasmus Heisterberg, who has penned numerous feature films including "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and "A Royal Affair".

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