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Seminar 2- "Digital Twins for Cities”: Business and Revenue Models


With more and more data being shared, the deployment of Digital Twins offers the chance to create new business and revenue models.Yet, there is a lot of uncertainty about the status and future development of the digital twin market in the built environment. In this seminar, we will discuss the level of maturity and development pathways for Digital Twins, as well as different stakeholder interests and bottlenecks.

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DTCC Chalmers


Ken Dooley

Ken Dooley is the Chief Strategy Officer of Empathic Building at Haltian. He is also a postdoctoral researcher in the area of Smart Buildings and Services at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation at Aalto University. His current research topics are smart office applications, smart building user experience, digital twins and flexible buildings that act as service platforms. Ken has over 15 years’ experience as a consultant and researcher in the built environment and has worked in London, Sydney, Dublin and Helsinki.

Rafael Sacks

Rafael Sacks‘ research interests are focused on the synergies of BIM and Lean Construction, two related areas that are revolutionizing the tools and practices used in Construction, Civil Engineering and Architecture. He leads the Virtual Construction Laboratories at the Technion’s National Building Research Institute, whose research includes development of BIM-enabled lean production control systems; BIM and innovative approaches to interoperability for BIM.

Nicolas Waern

Nicolas Waern is an Entrepreneur and the CEO & Founder of the Boutique Consulting firm WINNIIO. He is a Strategy & Innovation Expert and a Digital Twin Evangelist, with in depth knowledge of AI Enablement, organizational design and deep tech strategies. He is a Thought Leader in Smart Buildings and Smart Cities, Podcast Creator & Newsletter Editor for the Beyond Buildings Podcast.

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