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The first major international event dedicated to Science and Technology experiences in Virtual Reality. VR Scientific Festival at KTH Royal Institute of Technology brings global influencers to Stockholm.

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KTH Royal Institute of Technology

– The motto of KTH Royal Institute of Technology – “Vetenskap & Konst”(‘Science & Art’) – fits any SCI-VR project, where hi-tech and scientific ideas meet creative process ofthe high-level visualization. How can VR be used in Science and Art? This question will be explored during a festival in Stockholm during the weekend of May 12–14. A number of local venues will open their doors for the public.

On Friday May 12, the festival will be opened with an ambitious TEDx Stockholm / VIRTUAL FUTURE, where leading international innovators and influencers in the field will present and demonstrate their ideas about VR & Science. On Saturday, May 13, will be TEDxKTH / VR & SCIENCE with more focus on Academical cases. During May 13–14 VR Scientific Film Festival will be held at Dome of Vision - visionary and inspirational spherical building. More than 30 VR films about Science and Technology will be screened simultaneously at 30 VR headsets. There are eight main programs will be presented:

01 People & Society 02 Technology & Engineering 03 Planet & Environment 04 Medicine & Human Body 05 City & Urbanism 06 Information Technology 07 Transport 08 Space & Astronomy   More info