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AVD 2019: Check out Chloé Le Reste

Architectural Visualization Day 2019 takes place in October. First out at AVD 2019 is Chloé Le Reste. Chloé is an architectural photographer inspired by minimalistic and clean aesthetics, who currently lives in Paris.

You are one of the speakers on Architectural Visualization Day 2019, what will you share to the audience?

"As a photographer in the architectural area, I would share my experience and provide another point of view regarding image making. By this way I plan to talk about my background, influences and creative process to apprehend personal works as well as commissioned ones. Developing the photography topic seems interesting as it is a complementary way to communicate architecture, through a slightly different approach than visualization".

What are your expectations for the conference?

"What is interesting about AVD is that the event involves a lot of profiles from different professions and companies. It is a great opportunity to meet inspirational people and exchange ideas, that is why I look forward to discuss around architecture linked to visualization. By this way I hope to learn about the industry while discovering new artists. I believe AVD 2019 will be an environment conducive to develop network".

What do you hope your participation can contribute to?​ 

"Architectural imagery is a wide field that tend to be developed in the future, as communication and especially digital ones keeps growing. I hope my participation can contribute to offer a different perspective among image makers, explaining my method to build a picture". 

Why did you choose to specialize in architectural visualization? 

"As far as I remember I have been interested by the image industry, but I discovered a particular interest for architectural photography during my studies in architechture, when I started to take random pictures. My passion for this practice increased three years ago so I decided to shoot more regularly and share pictures on internet. I am currently really into architecture and urbanism, always looking for new places and emerging buildings to shoot. I did this activity firstly as a side job but then decided to work as a full-time freelance".

What is the best thing about your profession?

"The best side about architectural photography is probably the multitude of possibilities to represent a space, while being able to capture a specific moment that will highlight the subject. Creating an image by choosing the light, composition, color balance and contrast is something in which we can take good satisfaction. Also, being in a constant quest for new places and travelling are great parts of the work. I enjoy to learn about current architectural projects and urban transformations".

How/from who/what do you find inspiration to your own creations?

"Inspiration comes from everything that surrounds us, more or less consciously. I particularly find travels to be really enriching, as well as readings and contemporary arts to mention but a few. Broadly speaking I like to explore the work of photographers, architects, designers, visual artists… Meeting new people and socialize is a great source of motivation to develop some ideas and boost creativity".

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