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AVD 2019 speaker's interview: Pawel Podwojewski

In October it is time for Architectural Visualization Day 2019, which will be held at Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park for the sixth time. One of the speakers is Pawel Podwojewski. Pawel is an entrepreneur focused on architecture and visual arts. In 2009 he founded MOTIV which is now an international practice.

You are one of the speakers on Architectural Visualization Day 2019, what will you share to the audience?

"I would like to take a look into the past and future of our industry. This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and therefore it is a good time to share our experience, especially how operate on global markets and how to manage clients in different locations. What are the differences in approach and challenges.

Secondly I would like to focus on the personal self-improvement path to be taken to succeed and stay on top of the game for years. How to find balance in life between work and personal life and how to take advantage from daily given tasks and improve the learning curve within teams. What it takes to be a good leader but do not loose the creativity.

Last but not least how visualizations and computer graphics are important in a wider angle, having a huge impact on other fields and opportunities that will be given to you once you will understand all the options. As example I will disclose details from our property in Maldives, a dream that was started in the digital world and came to reality just very recent".

What are your expectations for the conference?

"I expect to exchange knowledge  and experience looking for a direction and guidelines for artists. In our industry we combine various fields of science and art.
Sometimes the vision of how we work is reduced through the prism of software and hardware not remembering that the human factor is the most important and stands for exceptional results. I hope we can find a way to expose this values even further to ourselves and clients and make it more aware how important the personal input of every 3D artist is".

What do you hope your participation can contribute to?​ 

"I hope I can help a little especially artists that are new to architectural visualization and cast some light on both technical and creative fields.
This should help in early stages when setting up own business and learn from my own mistakes". 

Why did you choose to specialize in architectural visualization? 

"It became very natural as I am an Architecture graduate and I had to present my own projects. It was a tool to me to express own thoughts and translate them on paper or screen if you like.
The better your presentation is the more chances you have to win a competition or convince client to choose your offer.

Every detail matters and I became obsessed achieving photorealistic results. Back in the days we were limited with hardware and software much more. There were very few plugins so you had to be very creative to push the limits. I was very much focused on the environments creating own plants and playing with seasons in my creations. 

Today I can tell my life has changed massively for the last decade and I am very pleased how things worked out. It was a very bumpy road and first 8 years were difficult.
I had to work very hard to stay ahead, build a team and look for other options at the same time. Being consistent always pays off, I feel blessed to be working with such talented people and be able to help clients world wide creating real or virtual projects".

What is the best thing about your profession?

"There are many advantages to be considered but If I should pick one I would say entertainment. In a way we entertain our clients delivering films, animations, VR or still images. 
When all is done properly our work brings joy and helps to explain very often complicated concepts. It is a direct translation from an enormous amount of emotions flowing from the design to evoke new emotions as result in viewer's minds. This can change also the direction of the design and can influence major decisions in planning. The work we do has very strong consequences I would never expect when starting this journey".

How/from who/what do you find inspiration to your own creations?

"I find most of my inspiration in people around me. I am blessed to meet so many interesting individuals. All the energy from our clients, team mates and of course families is most important. I am sure to keep the right pace in life and work you can not stay closed and focused on one subject. The more you do and try out the more creative you will be".

Learn more about Pawel Podwojewski at MOTIV