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Catrine Henriksson, new project manager at Visual Arena

Catrine Henriksson will be project manager at Visual Arena, and work with initiatives and activities in our competence node and projects in all focus areas. Catrine's expertise will greatly enhance the visualisation work as a support for communication and learning. "I'm looking forward to meeting and working with experts from different subject areas, and having the opportunity to work with innovation processes," she says.

Catrine Henriksson is a teacher who moved over to the advertising industry. She has worked as a manufacturer and project manager within this industry for 20 years, creating films, campaigns and digital experiences.

When she was offered the position of project manager at Visual Arena, she could not decline it.


- I'm looking forward to working with visualisation and learning in a large-scale context, which ultimately revolves around social development and democracy. It sounds big and obscure when you say it like that, but I hope that the work will achieve concrete results. I'm also looking forward to meeting and working with experts from various subject areas and actively participating in innovation processes, Catrine says.

In her new position, Catrine will work with visual and virtual innovation based on her strengths in communication, teaching methods and digital production.

- I hope that my teaching background, in combination with everything I learned about film and digital production, identity work and communication strategies, will be beneficial to Visual Arena. It's all about a well-delivered presentation to the recipient, in order to enhance their experience, knowledge and interest. The recipient's perspective and conditions as well as the importance of having a clear target group are something I've learned from my many years in both the education and advertising sectors. For me, visualisation is about creating an experience that simplifies and clarifies complex subjects and events, she says.

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