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Collaboration in a Digital Twin City

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Together with the Swedish Embassy in Washington, USA, and a team from the project Virtual Gothenburg Lab, Visual Arena organized an event for participants in the US about collaboration within a digital twin city.
The participants were invited to a workshop to identify common interests, challenges and opportunities for further development and collaboration in the following areas: community engagement, smart mobility and urban infrastructure.

The city of Gothenburg is building a digital twin – Virtual Gothenburg – which is a 3D version of the city covering an area of 270 square miles. Linked to the twin is a test environment, called Virtual Gothenburg Lab, where academia, business and the public sector work together to ensure that the digital twin becomes an effective and useful tool for solving various societal challenges.

The results and insights from the tests regarding community engagement, smart mobility and urban infrastructure were shared in this event. The tests have shed light on potential opportunities for how a digital twin city can be used and how it can function as an arena of collaboration between commercial actors, urban planners, twin cities and scientific researchers.

The participants were later on divided into small groups to discuss and share common interests, challenges and opportunities.

The presentations and workshop were led by project partners from, Volvo Cars, The City of Gothenburg, HiQ, Berge and AFRY.

The workshop identified common issues in the importance of handling data in a structured way and the possibilities of using game engines and other visualization solutions for communication and understanding of complex issues. It was also discussed how to be able to verify what is simulated in the digital twin with tests in the real environment in order to continuously improve and develop our tools and methods.

”This was great, we are looking forward to continue this journey with stakeholders across the Atlantic”
Monica Ek, project manager Virtual Gothenburg Lab

The next step is to look through what was created at the workshop and talk about how Virtual Gothenburg Lab should take it further. 

- We will refine some thoughts and ideas that we then want to communicate with the participants. In connection with the Smart City Connect conference in Washington in October, we will take part digitally and want to open up for further discussions, Monica Ek, project manager Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Thank you to Chelsea Collier, Founder, Digi.City and The Swedish Embassy for connecting us with valuable participants. 


This event was financed by Vinnova.