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Smarta Fabriker is starting a new collaboration with Visual Arena regarding their work on visual project management and virtual factory development.

The new Smarta Fabriker project aims to spread know-how about industrial digitization through the development of a cutting-edge mini-factory in a major collaboration between students, companies and organizations. Visualization plays a key role in the project work that forms the basis for the new collaboration with Visual Arena.

“It’s like coming home,” says Johan Bengtsson, Project Manager for Smarta Fabriker. “We work with visual project management as well as virtual factory development and VR content and therefore, our two operations are clearly interlinked,” he explains.

About the project
The Smarta Fabriker project spreads know-how about industrial digitization by engaging students, companies and organizations in the development of a smart mini-factory that aims to represent state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. If Swedish industry is to lead digital development, the skills supply must be secured. The lead in know-how and technology that Swedish industry has been relying on can no longer be taken for granted. Therefore, the Smarta Fabriker project aims to make technical studies more appealing and attract young people to careers in industry.

Thanks to support from Region Västra Götaland, academia, institutes, trade organizations and several of Sweden’s leading industrial companies, the Smarta Fabriker project comprises a unique constellation within the framework of industrial and academic collaboration. In spring 2017, students from high schools, vocational schools and universities invested more than 21,000 hours in the factory’s development and were supported by companies and institutes who contributed everything from expertise to components and complete systems. 
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