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New project develops virtual reality storytelling

Photo: Unsplash
The go-ahead from Region Västra Götaland for the “Storytelling in VR and new technology” project means that Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park, together with other project partners, can further enhance the region’s leading expertise in storytelling in a VR-environment.

In recent years, VR (Virtual Reality) has evolved into one of the potentially pioneering technologies for how we might consume motion pictures in the future. Writing for VR presents a challenge since it is completely different to writing for other media. The big question is how the results will affect users. A VR user will no longer be a spectator but part of the story.

The main partners of the project are Visual Arena, which has seen a sharp increase in interest in and demand for VR in its extensive visualization network, Gothenburg Studios at Lindholmen, an early adopter of technology in Sweden, CLVR Works, one of the key names in VR in Sweden, and production company GötaFilm that produces high-quality drama.

Other partners are Film & TV at Lindholmen Science Park, which has shown in its and Gothenburg Film Festival’s monitoring and analysis project, Nostradamus, that VR will probably be important technology in motion pictures, and Kultur i Väst that promotes culture in various art forms and social development.

Together we will conduct tangible and more experimental work on developing strong VR storytelling. The idea is to discover new formats for drama that will open the door to a new experience with the set and the viewer interacting in new, innovative ways, says Martin Svensson, project manager at Film & TV, at Lindholmen Science Park.

We want to transcend the industries of film, television, gaming and visualization, etc. in the hope of opening new doors for collaborations and creating competitive companies working with storytelling in the creative sector, says Mia Leterius, Program Manager at Visual Arena.

In the long term, the project will help Western Sweden, with its leading expertise, remain a national and Scandinavian creative hub for drama production even on new platforms and in new technology. 

In June, Region Västra Götaland’s Culture Committee decided on grants to new development projects, meaning that more than SEK 8.6 million will be awarded to 52 projects. With these development projects, the Culture Committee wants to stimulate culture in Västra Götaland and grants will be awarded in two rounds every year.