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Together we can drive visual and virtual innovation!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Visualising data and making it more accessible are essential features of effective communication and will help society to grow. This is why Gullers Grupp is entering into a partnership with Visual Arena.

The mission of Lindholmen Science Park AB is to increase Sweden’s competitiveness by creating an ecosystem for innovation, both in physical form at the science park itself and via a range of programmes where players from the business and academic worlds and from the public sector work together on major research and development projects.

At Visual Arena we are developing visual and virtual innovations in three focus areas:

  •     Enhancing user experiences by generating a deeper understanding and emotional impact
    – User experiences

  •     Strengthening development abilities to create a sustainable society
    – Support for change

  •     Increasing the ability to understand, analyse and work with data and information
    – Data and information

“There is a deeply democratic aspect to data visualisation. One of the fundamental tasks of anyone who works with the public sector is to help to make data and complex information accessible to everyone,” said Susan Lorentzen, head of the Gullers Grupp office in Gothenburg.

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