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Visual Arena establishes framework for unique test bed

The City of Gothenburg is growing at a rapid rate, which means that the challenges surrounding coordination, consensus and communication in order to make well-founded decisions are steadily growing. Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park has now received funding from Vinnova to start a pilot project to examine the possibility of creating a test bed that can address the challenges facing society.

Together with the city of Gothenburg, Visual Arena is now preparing to develop a unique test bed linked to the city’s digital information, with the goal of identifying needs, making data and technology available and developing and testing new applications that contribute to solutions to societal challenges.

New possibilities for data visualization

The test bed, under the working name “Virtual Gothenburg Lab,” will take the form of an advanced virtual model of the city, where data from different operators within the City of Gothenburg can be connected and tested, thereby increasing the chances of making well-founded decisions.

Combining different types of data and developing new visualization methods will increase the possibilities of experiencing and discovering social challenges, thereby facilitating the work with solutions.


“It is our intention for this project to create a better understanding of, for example, change, to enable analysis, demonstrate correlations and contribute to better communication,” says Åsa Andblad, Project Manager/program coordinator Visual Arena.

“We hope that the work method involving the test bed will be applicable in other areas in Sweden, and even internationally.”


The “Virtual Gothenburg Lab” test bed will be one part in developing and stimulating the City of Gothenburg’s work with testing new solutions and thus strengthening the innovative ability for both local and global sustainable development. Vinnova’s call for applications was aimed at the public sector and a total of 24 projects were approved. Participants in the pilot project are the City of GothenburgBusiness Region GöteborgRISEChalmersIQ SamhällsbyggnadRecorded FutureLindholmen Science Park and the County Administrative Board. More operators will be engaged as the work progresses.