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Visual Arena is an Important Collaborative Platform for the Academy

Visual Arena offers the right conditions for a successful collaboration as a neutral meeting place for the parties. This was the conclusion of Gothenburg Visualisation Centre's final report. The academic party also confirms how Gothenburg has been able to fortify its strong position within visualisation research thanks to Visual Arena.
Visual Arena entré

The final report comes from the academic party Gothenburg Visualisation Centre (VisRes), and describes the years 2016-2018, when the collaboration took place. The report illustrates that Visual Arena is an important partner for education and research - the arena has enjoyed more than 130 academic bookings. The majority of projects have been generated with Visual Arena as a platform and VisRes as an academic driving force.

'As the common platform, Visual Arena has contributed to various types of opportunities for interaction by linking various types of initiatives, participants and technologies. Knowledge increases, interested parties from various places meet and projects are formalised. A common physical platform has also made the collaborative opportunities less vulnerable. If this all happened in different places, it would be much more dependent on individuals,' says Monica Billger.