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Visual Arena receives continued support for visual and virtual innovation

Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park receives financing and support for the City of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland, Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg. The goal is to continue the work to promote innovation. Now the arena is working on new focus areas within visualisation and virtual innovation.

Visual Arena has become well-established over the year, it plays a key role within several other areas and promotes collaboration between internal and external partners. This means that a neutral meeting place is available to share knowledge and network, start and promote innovation projects and maintain, develop and provide visualisation technology and competence in the innovation environment.

With the continued support, there are now good conditions in place to continue the consolidation of Visual Arena. Moreover, the arena can continue to expand with new projects.
Visual and virtual innovation is a large and cross-sectoral area in which the arena will work based on the following areas of focus starting in 2020:


  • Increased capacity to understand, analyse and work with data.
  • Strengthened development capability for a sustainable city.
  • New experiences and reinforced learning.

- Our intensive work has created strong engagement for virtual and visual innovation and we are glad to be able to promote it further. We look forward to continue developing the work approach and new areas of focus, says Åsa Andblad, creative manager at Visual Arena.

In 2020, the new organisational structure will be developed with activities for different focus areas. We do that by gathering interested parties, highlighting needs, spreading knowledge and starting and promoting development projects. Are you interested in participating?

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