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Checking the visual business environment

Visualization is a field that is rapidly growing and changing, both in the form of new needs in the market and opportunities created by new technologies. Now, Visual Arena presents a unique collaboration with Recorded Future.

In collaboration with Recorded Future, Visual Arena has produced a simplified visual business intelligence view around the concept of visualization, virtual reality and augmented reality. With this tool, we can make business intelligence in the field of visualization accessible in the form of a view that displays activities and trends in visualization. 

The timeline below shows how many times these terms have been mentioned on the Internet, related to time. It provides an excellent overview of what is going on, and what the trends in the field look like. 

See the full-screen visualization here 


Recorded Future

Recorded Future is a company that scans an extremely large portion of what is written on the Internet every day — everything from articles on major media sites to entries on blogs, social media and the Dark Web; in total, more than 20 million documents are reviewed. The system then conducts an automatic linguistic analysis to understand what the texts are about; after that, it presents a result showing current trends through various forms of visualization. Recorded Future’s work includes analyzing security risks and creating business intelligence.

Read more about Recorded Future here