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The Cinema of the Future

Pilot project together with Aftonstjärnan cinema, which examines how the possibilities of digitalisation can utilize and develop cinema culture.

Framtidens biograf

We want to take digitalisation of the cinema a step further. Together with Aftonstjärnan, Visual Arena wants to take the best from the cinema experience - MEETING OTHERS and putting it together with the best from virtual reality (VR)* - BEING SURROUNDED BY THE FILM.

With this project, we want to study how the possibilities of digitalisation can utilise and develop cinema culture. For a long time, immersive experiences like VR have been individual experiences where people have only been able to experience a 360 film one at a time. Film festivals such as Venice and Sundance have had so-called 'VR Cinemas' or 'Shared VR' the last two years and with good results. They have showed the same VR films for groups of people together in the same room at the same time. Now we want to investigate an innovative organiser model for presentation of new digital experiences.

The project is run by: Visual Arena in collaboration with Biograf Aftonstjärnan.

Project period: 2019-2020

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