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Go:innovation fas 3

The ambition is to promote six development areas of both a strategic and operational nature in order to strengthen the municipal organization's ability to drive and participate in innovation work.

Go: innovation phase 3 is a Vinnova-funded project that runs until 2023. In the third phase of the innovation platform's development, there is a continued focus on the development of culture and structures capable of tackling the complex challenges of Equality and Climate.

Innovation platforms for sustainable attractive cities

Go: innovation will create a structured work with research and innovation and strengthen Gothenburg as a test arena, so that business, the public sector, academia and civil society can develop the solutions of the future together. The innovation work must contribute to sustainable urban development in terms of economy, social issues and ecology.

The project is divided into three parts: 1) Organization, 2) Upscaling mechanisms and 3) Culture and knowledge.

The sub-project provides clear "ways into" the City of Gothenburg's organization for external actors, as well as clear processes for collaboration. It also results in a structured way of working to follow up and evaluate the products, services and ways of working that are tested. As well as learning, scaling up and disseminating sustainable solutions. The sub-project also contributes to a higher level of knowledge among strategic key people in the City, through a learning process on why and how to drive innovation. And what characterizes a promoting culture of innovation.

Visual Arena works together with the City of Gothenburg City Management Office on "Development of mechanisms to make priorities visible".

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Project manager:
Ulrica Enderberg
031-368 00 88

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