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Narrative VR Lab 2

Three admitted pilots for the Narrative VR Lab project.

Narrative VR Lab is working on three VR projects that have received support to create a pilot each. Those who get the opportunity to tell their story in an innovative way are: STM16: 9FTT VR by Nicole Neidert, Regrets by Niklas Rydén and Curious X by Ismaila Jallow.

Presentation of participants

SKINNING/TRUE MESH/16:9fulltimetexture 
by Nicole Neidert

The project is carried out in collaboration with Linnea Bågander and Joakim Envik Karlsson

The background to the project is the idea that our bodies are always united with our clothes and that we are perceived as one with our clothes. The purpose is to allow material and virtual opportunities to meet in an interdisciplinary collaboration through 3D animation. The project's vision is to investigate the body's boundaries through material and movement.

STM16: 9FTT_VR invites you to visit a surreal dream world where the boundaries of body and space are blurred. You are inspired by 3D animations and create your own interpretations through costume and choreography. See picture above, for example of a suit.

"We want to approach a 3D animated feeling in the video series. 3D animations are made up of a number of different components, all of which take place inside a computer. These are sculpture, skeleton (rigging), camera, texture and light. We will translate these components into an IRL setting where we work with camera, body, movement, suit, light and space. ”

By working with perspective, filtering and elevation, the camera becomes an actor instead of an observer. To achieve this, the camera's movements will be carefully choreographed and be in harmony with the dance and costume. The pilot is the first in a series of nine films.

Nicole Neidert has been a choreographer and dancer since 2012. She has an interest in eccentric movement qualities and interdisciplinary collaborations. STM16: 9FTT_VR is a collaboration with photographer Joakim Envik Karlsson and fashion designer Linnea Bågander.

by Niklas Rydén

The project is carried out in collaboration with NewOpera CO

NewOpera CO plays newly written musical theater. Their latest electronic opera Regrets has been played live on stage Atalante. It is a moving story of repentance, guilt and reconciliation.

In the project, project manager Niklas Rydén wants to investigate whether VR can convey the special closeness that arises between audiences and actors at live performances. By using 360-degree film and sound, the project wants to create an understanding of how VR can be best used in the theater to communicate the story.

"In this pilot, we want to film and sound part of the show, to test the quality of the experience and learn how best to achieve a result that embraces the viewer and communicates the story that is at the center."

"We will film the singers in 360 degrees, place them in a virtual room, add enhancing visual additions and make the sound spatially realistic. All this as a test pilot to be experienced in a VR headset."

Niklas Rydén is the artistic director of the stage Atalante and NewOpera CO where he works with music, lyrics and film. Since 2017, Atalante has worked with VR in the form of an app that takes visitors on a virtual journey.

Curious X
by Ismaila Jallow

The project is carried out in collaboration with Curious Brown AB

Curious X is regarded by project manager Ismaila Jallow as knowledge-spreading storytelling. The purpose of the project is to teach society more about those whose stories have not previously been immortalized on the country's streets and squares. Curious X is part of a larger transmedial project that includes the feature film Curious Brown and a VR bus.

"The pilot project I want to do through Narrative VR Lab is to look at the colonial history of which several of the 'heroes' seen on our streets are a part; and through AR replace these with other stories that have so far not found a place in the squares. "

The vision is to create an image for Gothenburg as the Nordic region's leading XR city and an AR platform. The platform will function as a streaming service for AR, where works of art and gaming experiences and more enhance reality. Curious X is the project that will begin the journey to achieve the vision.

Ismaila Jallow is a director, screenwriter, photographer and editor. Since 2018, he runs the company Curious Brown AB. The company is active in VR and film production.

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