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Narrative XR Lab

We are looking for you who want to develop and explore artistic storytelling in Extended Reality (XR). We are looking for graphic designers, screenwriters, game developers, project managers, directors, programmers to develop new concepts and ideas within XR.

Narrative XR Lab is a creative lab at Visual Arena where you get process support, access to technology and guidance from experts to develop an XR idea.

Person using VR
XR / VR Visual Arena
Person using VR
  • Application deadline: 22/6- 2022
  • Starting on 2 Sep, ending on 28th October.
  • Time required: 4 - 6 hours a week
  • It is possible to combine participating in the Narrative XR Lab with studies and part-time jobs.

  • As a participant, you are expected to participate in workshops, network meetings and trainings that take place within the framework of the project

Extended Reality (XR), which includes media such as VR, AR & MR, is growing and being explored by more and more players. We are now looking for you who want to explore artistic storytelling in the medium, strengthen your skills and create ideas together in interdisciplinary groups consisting of directors / creators / artists, graphic designers / game developers and project managers.




Narrative XR Lab combines artistic development with technological innovation. Do you want to join the journey to develop the story in XR and with it strengthen western Sweden's competence around XR?

Apply to become part of the Narrative XR Lab which starts on September 2, 2022 and runs until October 28, 2022.



Kvinna labbar i VR, häftig belyst och färgglad bakgrund

Apply and become a participant in Narrative XR Lab

You get

You get guidance in how to work with storytelling in XR and how to work technically in 360-degree video and VR production. You will also take part in lectures, seminars and practical workshops that provide inspiration and knowledge about the outside world and the industry as well as what is required to create stories in XR and immersive media

In addition to supervision in the above techniques, you in multidisciplinary teams will create an XR idea with the support of knowledgeable experts in premises where equipment and technology are made available. With good knowledge of needs and technology, you will produce an idea presentation with a budget and financing plan that can be presented to industry and financiers with the hope that your idea will be realized after the end of the project.

We are looking for several people with a background like

  • Creator / writer / director - who is used to creating stories, concepts and leading artistic processes. With a background in performing arts, film, TV, or the gaming industry with narrative as the focus.
  • Producer / project manager - who has experience of producing TV, film, performing arts and / or games and can lead and drive work processes forward.
  • Developer / interaction designer - who is used to working with 3D tools, game engines and has a good understanding of interactivity and can model in 3D and create prototypes for different platforms.
  • Futurists / technicians
Person using VR

As an accepted participant in Narrative XR Lab, you will be part of a team consisting of several competencies from different areas.

In the groups, you will work on developing a powerful XR idea that develops the artistic narrative in XR.



Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Create with the support of industry leaders within XR.

In the groups you will work together to develop an idea but also get support from our project partners:

  • Gothenburg Film Studios 
    Gothenburg Film Studios will provide guidance for 360-degree video and virtual production, as well as plan and conduct lectures and practical workshops.
  • RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden 
    RISE will provide education and guidance in how storytelling and narrative can be facilitated through game and interactive technology. RISE will also make available equipment and methodologies related to these areas.
  • HDK-Valand – Högskolan för konst och design, Göteborgs universitet
    HDK-Valand will be active in the work around workshops and curate seminars / panel discussions linked to VR.
  • Förvaltningen för kulturutvecklingen
    The administration for cultural development will create conditions for content and experiences in the project to be made available to a wider and larger audience in the form of seminars, presentations or open workshops.

  • Film & TV på Lindholmen
    Film & TV will be active in disseminating information about the project in their network. They will also enable your participants to submit your ideas to the funding announcements that Film & TV will carry out in the autumn of 2022.

  • Kultur i Halland, KiH
    Culture in Halland will contribute with its broad network in digital creation and find ways for further financing of parallel projects.

You will take part in a number of activities; lectures, seminars and practical workshops that provide inspiration and knowledge about the outside world and the industry as well as what is required to create stories in XR and immersive media. Some of the dates have already been set and can be found further down the page.

Premises and workstations are available to independently explore and test ideas with equipment and technology made available.

vr narrative vr lab

Several and strong opportunities

By the end of the project, you will have worked out a strong idea, a close-knit team, good knowledge of execution and how to apply for further funding and a draft application such as VGR, the Film Institute, VR Colleges and worked together a strong network.


  • 2 september - Introduction meeting, Visual Arena
  • 6 september - Workshop in volymetri, Visual Arena
  • 15 september - Jamsession, virtual production, Gothenburg Film Studios 
  • 28 september - Workshop in virtual tours, Visual Arena
  • 6 oktober - Jamsession in interactivity, RISE 
  • 13 oktober, Workshop in 360 cinematografi, Gothenburg Film Studios 
  • 28 oktober, Presentation, Gothenburg Film Studios

Partners and financing


The Narrative XR Lab project is being implemented by Visual ArenaLindholmen Science Park i samarbete med Gothenburg Film Studios, RISE, HDK-ValandKulturförvaltningen, Västra GötalandsregionenKultur i Halland and Film&TV vid Lindholmen Science Park

This investment is possible thanks to support from Västra Götalandsregionens kulturnämnd

Är du intresserade av XR och vill läsa mer om vad vi gör inom området? 

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vr narrative vr lab

Narrative VR Lab

Narrative VR Lab is an innovative development project at Visual Arena in which we explore the narrative possibilities of XR (the umbrella term for VR, AR, MR and other media) and test new ways of reaching audiences of drama enthusiasts.