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The digital performing arts of the future, what is it and what might it look like? We find out in the preliminary study with the working name Operaverse.

En väldigt dramatisk scenföreställning med teaterskådespelare som är utklädda till gladiatorer  brottas bland rök

Trends point to performing arts and cultural consumption becoming more immersive with new digital enablers, some call XR "The Empathy Machine" for its ability to capture people. We go from screen viewers to immersed in new worlds!


kvinna i dramatisk operamiljö sjunger för fulla muggar i en pompös klänning

In the preliminary study with the working name Operaverse, we want to find out how new technology can help the Gothenburg Opera to reach out with performing arts to even more people and meet the new behaviors and needs out there.

How are we going to do it?

In the preliminary study, we use innovation sprints where we start with the visitors of the future.

Simplified, the process looks like this:

1. Mapping of needs and situation
2. Creative concept development
3. Test and validation
4. Conclusion and recommendation



The project is part of the long-term work to explore the digital performing arts of the future

In the spring of 2022, Gothenburg Opera began a learning project where they created one of the scenes from the dance piece Here not here into a virtual stage. This set things in motion. The digital experience of Here not Here was made together by the Gothenburg Opera, the Västra Götaland region's digitization staff, Göteborg & Co, Visual Arena, Atvis and Gorki Glaser-Müller, a really exciting collaboration. Atvis created a VR experience that became a parallel part of the stage performance where visitors could get close to the digital dancers and attract a different kind of audience with them.

- The VR experience was created by recording the dancers' movements with motion capture technology at the Visual Arena, which were then animated and inserted into a virtual model of the Gothenburg Opera's stage, says Peter Wallberg, CEO of Ativs.

This pilot study continues the journey to explore the digital performing arts to increase the accessibility of culture to society.


Visual Arena conducts the prestudy Operaverse together with Gothenburg Opera. We also have the pleasure of working with Yrgo, Xperience Next and Göteborg & Co.


Person using VR

Let's make visualization a tool for everyone

You can participate in various ways, such as involvement in focus areas, strategy advice, project applications, project participation, making technology available, events and knowledge dissemination.

Do you want to know more about the project that explores the digital performing arts of the future?

Monica Ek

Monica Ek

Visual Arena
Senior project manager
Bild på Martin Högenberg, en leende man i medelåldern som bär ett par ovala glasögon. Han bär en polo och lutar sig på en utsträckt hand som vilar på ett gångräcke.

Martin Högenberg

Visual Arena
Program Leader