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UX Arena

The Gothenburg Region - a stronghold for User Experience

Bild från workshop, två kvinnliga talare pratar inför publik från en UX workshop

There are approximately one million UX-professionals in the world and many predict a continuous strong growth for the discipline. A linear development suggests one hundred million UX-workers globally by 2050.

The Gothenburg region is a stronghold for the User Experience discipline. The number of UX:ers is at least ten times higher than expected, in terms of population. There are several reasons for this: The early and broad digitalization of our society. The Swedish school system, which supports higher education through both academia and polytechnics. And last but not the least, the long engineering culture of the region that provides an open mindset to new technologies. 

The pre study "User Experience Excellence" is founded by Tillväxtverket and VGR.

Do you want to take part of the insights from the pre study? Read the report! 

Recorded events with User Experience Excellence! 

Model of history for User Experience
134 shades of UX

"User Experience Excellence"
- a core skill to meet the needs for change

The world needs a fast and focused adaptation of the 2030 sustainability goals. Usability is key to such a change, that's why User Experience is a strategic skill for the the society. The user centered design process helps people to collaborate. It creates understanding and direction for Why, What and How things should be done. 

Listen to Don Norman "Creating a better society" in UX Podcast on Spotify, produced by James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom. 

UXX_How to study

Western Sweden can take an international position and companies can reach new markets

In September 2021 this feasibility study started at Lindholmen Science Park, supported by Volvo Cars and a wide range of stakeholders. By examining the commitment, needs and working methods for a UX arena, the foundation can be laid for a larger investment.

The study is funded by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Västra Götaland region and is run by Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park.

UXX_Advisory Board

Advisory board

Anna Granström, VGR, Anton Grammatikas, Boid, Anya Ernest, Polestar, Casper Wickman, Volvo Cars, Fanny Bergström Buller, Rise, Fredrik Sandberg, VGR, Gunilla Gudmunds, Göteborgs Stad, Jessica Dagman, RISE, Johan Berndtsson, Ambition, Julia Olander, Göteborg Stad, Kajsa Söderblom, VGR, Lars Bern, BRG, Linnea Fogelmark, Astra Zeneca, Lydia Jenewein, Techno Creatives, Marcus Jahnke, Mistra Urban Futures, Maria ben Salem Dynehäll, Drivhuset, Pontus Wärnestål, InUse, Rasmus Heyman, BRG, Robert Broström, Volvo Cars, Åsa Andblad, Visual Arena

Double Diamond

25 November 2021

Workshop: How to understand a future that does not yet exist. Three scientists from Volvo Cars present their work in a Sharing Circle.

November – January

State of Design – West Coast Edition
In collaboration with the Design Leadership Community we are set out to uncover the state of Design in the Gothenburg Region.

24 March 2022

Public event: In collaboration with Jens Wedin from Design Leadership we will present and discuss the State of Design – West Coast Edition.

Sharing Circle at Visual Arena

Prototyping a UX Sharing Circle

Is sharing possible? What if we meet over disciplines? Can gathering rise the importance of the subject? On the initiative of Volvo Cars we opened the arena for a "Sharing Circle" - a public event that quickly was filled with change makers from all parts of the society, such as librararians, scientists, car manufacturers, and professors. And yes - the meeting ignited new relations. To be continued!