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Person using VR
En väldigt dramatisk scenföreställning med teaterskådespelare som är utklädda till gladiatorer  brottas bland rök
Partners samarbetar på Visual Arena

Visual Arena works actively to initiate and enable projects by working with academia, business, the public sector and citizens to develop new solutions and spread knowledge about how visualization can be used in existing and new areas.

Do you have an idea, challenge or need where visualization could be included? Are you interested in discussing the possibilities of being able to apply for funding and start a project? Do you have questions about ongoing projects?

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Ongoing projects

3d visualization over Gothenburg

Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Through Virtual Gothenburg Lab, we make Gothenburg city’s digital twin available to those who wish to co-create the city of the future.
Kvinnor står framför en stor färgglad skräm

Experience to Insights Lab

The Experience to Insights Lab is our venture where, through students, we carry out design and innovation sprints to meet complex challenges. Are you a student or employee at a university and are you...
Tomatoes in new york

Digital twin for circular food systems

The goal of this project is to address the challenges arising from the transition to circular food systems combined with adapting to digital information structures and resources. By combining these...
Kvinna som labbar med VR

Narrative XR Lab

Narrative XR Lab is a creative lab at Visual Arena, where artistic storytelling in Extended Reality (XR) is developed and explored. Here, graphic designers, screenwriters, game developers, project...
Photo of Magdalenefjorden

Expanded rephotography

The research project is based on the premise that we need new ideas about the complex effect of global warming and climate change as a result. Artistic research can expand the tools that science has...
svartvitt foto. Forskare med flygplansvinge i ett platt vitt landskap.

Methods for digital diagnosis of endangered cultural heritage

The impact of climate change on cultural environments and monuments that are difficult to access is a challenge for cultural environment conservation. The project investigates how experts in different...
Bild på blommor på fält. Fotot är taget med kort skräpedjupt så att att de blommor som är närmast är det fokus på och bakgrunden är suddig.

Sustainable home development via increased MIK

In the project, an educational model for intergenerational film production about the future of local natural and cultural heritage in Västra Götaland and Europe is created.
3D visualization of Gothenburg

Digital Twin Cities Centre

Cutting-edge research is conducted in eight different research areas, covering all aspects needed to develop large-scale digital twins.
Person using VR

Let's make visualization a tool for everyone

You can participate in various ways, such as involvement in focus areas, strategy advice, project applications, project participation, making technology available, events and knowledge dissemination.

Previous projects

En grön bakgrund. Två personer synd i bild. Två kvinnor. Ena cyklar på en cykel och en har ett VRheadset på sig.

VR as an Empathy Machine: Designing for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Design and innovation journey with the goal of exploring user needs and consumption behaviors to develop a VR experience that would encourage young adults to lead sustainable lives.
En väldigt dramatisk scenföreställning med teaterskådespelare som är utklädda till gladiatorer  brottas bland rök


What is the digital performing arts of the future, and what might it look like? We find out in the preliminary study with the working name Operaverse.
Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Urban Co-Creation Lab

Urban Co-Creation Lab is a development project that creates a platform for collaboration between actors in community building and urban planning.
Bild från workshop, två kvinnliga talare pratar inför publik från en UX workshop

UX Arena

The Gothenburg Region is a stronghold for User Experience. There are approximately one million UX-professionals in the world and many predict a continuous strong growth for the discipline. A linear...
Framtidens biograf

The Cinema of the Future

Pilot project together with Aftonstjärnan cinema, which examines how the possibilities of digitalisation can utilize and develop cinema culture.
Normkreativ visualisering

Norm-creative visualization in urban development

A preliminary study, “Norm-creative visualization in urban development,” was conducted in 2015-2016. Now you can take part in the handbook and the guide produced in the project.
Tram in Gothenburg

Climate neutral Gothenburg 2030

In order to meet major societal challenges such as climate change, the pace of conversion and cities' ability to develop solutions for tomorrow's problems needs to increase. There are no technical...
Digital 1600-talsstad, visualiserad ovanifrån

Digital city model 17th century

A collaborative project where you will develop a virtual model of Gothenburg from the 17th century. The purpose is to give a picture of what Gothenburg looked like in terms of urban development when...
vr narrative vr lab

Narrative VR Lab

Narrative VR Lab is an innovative development project at Visual Arena in which we explore the narrative possibilities of XR (the umbrella term for VR, AR, MR and other media) and test new ways of...
monki logo

Monki R&D

The project developed concepts in the borderland between the digital and analogue in collaboration with the clothing chain Monki and their customers.
Go smart


The projekt Go:smart developed and tested an innovative travel broker service that facilitated and rewarded sustainable travelling in urban areas. The budget was 20 million SEK over two years, with 10...
Sendsmart truck


Sendsmart is a project that will create sustainable freight transport in an urban environment. The innovative and sustainable solutions will lead to a reduced impact on climate, noise levels and human...
testbadd visualarena

Framework for unique test bed

Together with the city of Gothenburg, Visual Arena is preparing to develop a unique test bed linked to the city’s digital information, with the goal of identifying needs, making data and technology...

REATE Comprehensive REAlistic Transportation system Emulation

This feasibility study will develop requirements and applications for an open simulation platform, a current situation analysis of existing tools and initiatives and establish a consortium.
Digital verkstad

The digital workshop

The Data Association's initiative for children and young people who want to explore digital creation and programming in a playful and experimental way.
ny illustration

Go:innovation fas 3

Go: innovation phase 3 is a Vinnova-funded project that runs until 2023. In the third phase of the innovation platform's development, there is a continued focus on the development of culture and...

Norm-critical visualisation – preliminary study

Research shows that stereotypical images of people are often used in visualisations of future urban environments. A new collaborative project is planned in an effort to study and change that.
asta image

ToRSIM – Traffic Simulator

ToRSIM – Traffic Simulator is a preliminary study for the purpose of investigating the possibilities of establishing an arena for transport and traffic simulation at Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science...