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Research & Projects

We work actively to make projects possible by gathering people from the worlds of academia, business and government authorities into partnerships to develop and disseminate knowledge about how visualization can be used in existing and new areas.

Visual Arena Research Visual Arena Research strengthens, collects and develops research and education in the field of visualization at Chalmers, the University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Do you have an idea, challenge or need where visualization could play a role? Are you interested in discussing the possibilities for finding, financing and starting a project? 

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Current projects


  • Narrative VR Lab

  • Norm-creative visualization in urban development Further reading

    During 2015-2016 a pre-study "Norm critic visualization in city development" was performed. The pre-study shows that visualizations in urban development processes often are stereotypical regarding e.g. age, gender, disability and ethnicity, but it also shows a potential to use visualization as an active tool to highlight and run norm-critical perspectives in urban development processes to achieve innovative norm-creative solutions.

Completed projects


  • SendSmart WP5 Visualization Send:Smart

    A project for sustainable freight transportation in an urban environment. Sendsmart is a project designed to create sustainable freight transportation in an urban environment. Its innovative and sustainable solutions will result in a lower impact on the climate, noise levels and human health, while simultaneously creating a more attractive and competitive city.


  • 3D model of the city in the 1600s Further reading

    A cooperative project to develop a virtual model of Gothenburg in the 1600s. Its purpose is to show residents of Gothenburg what the urban design of the city looked like when it was founded, in order to create an understanding of history and why the city is laid out as it is. The result will be a realistic 3D model that can be used in multiple ways, for example by projecting it as a video on a screen or as a virtual model. The model can also be posted on the Internet.

  • Digital workshop Further reading

    Digitalverkstan is a project financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and aims at engaging young people aged 18-30 in digital literacy, creation, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through various activities tied to Lindholmen Science Park, the stakeholders of the project want to enable young people to explore and realize their ideas and learn about new and novel technologies and methodologies. Digitalverkstan is a joint venture between Chalmers, the University of Göteborg, The city of Göteborg, Visual Arena Lindholmen and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT.

    Read more at Interactive Institute Web and at Digitalverkstan.

  • Go:smart SP4 Visualization Go:Smart

    Project to develop the travel services of the future. The national arena Closer has received project financing from Vinnova for its Go:smart project, which will develop and test an innovative broker service that facilitates and rewards sustainable trips to city environments. 

  • Monki R&D Further reading

    Monki R&D is a pilot study which aims to develop concepts for fashion company Monki. With this project they want to explore technology and design methodology that better meet individualized customer needs in a global context. 

Other projects

Vi har påbörjat insamlande av projektinformation från andra aktörer och strävar efter att ge en aktuell överblick av projekt med anknytning till visualisering, både de vi själva är aktiva inom samt synliggöra andra aktörers projekt, såväl regionalt som nationellt. Arbetar du med eller känner du till något projekt som du tycker ska listas här? Tipsa oss genom att fylla i formuläret 

Fler visualiseringsprojekt inom akademin hittar du på


  • Advancing patient-centred care through hybrid procedures Read more

    The overarching purpose of the project is to advance patient-centred care in the context of hybrid procedures. Such procedures are increasingly enabled through the construction of hybrid operating rooms. In order to continually ascertain high quality specialist care, the project aims to develop efficient and safe treatment procedures with particular emphasis on inter-professional communication and the utilization of medical imaging technologies in the hybrid operating room.

    Principal investigator: Jonas Ivarsson

    Project members: Charlotta Lund, Anja Almén, Magnus Båth; Mårten Falkenberg; Hans Rystedt