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What do you want to test?

We can test our most pressing challenges in Virtual Gothenburg Lab here and now.

3D visualization of Gothenburg, night.

What is your challenge?

If you work with urban planning, mobility, sustainability, climate change, circular economy, health, inclusion or other issues related to the city - and if you also want to help create a long-term sustainable Gothenburg - then you have found the right place! We work on the digital twin under many different themes!

Come on in!

Urban planning

Transport and mobility

Climate resilience and adaptation

Democracy and civic participation

Health and safety

Sustainability and circular economy





 Construction and infrastructure


This is what we have already done

The test bed has carried out five pilot studies with the aim of developing Gothenburg's digital twin, Virtual Gothenburg. The pilots were selected on the basis of challenges faced by different administrations in the city and where there is significant potential for using the possibilities of testing future scenarios through digitised processes and visualisation.

Centralenområdet_Drottningstorget_Bildcred till Jernhusen

Central Area

The aim of the pilot project was to create an interactive tool to help the Swedish Transport Administration understand and analyse different proposals for the design of the Central Area.
3d visualization over Gothenburg

CoExist 2

In the future autonomous vehicles will have to interact with their surroundings in a separate way than manually driven vehicles. By using the digital twin, we can explore the interaction between...

Skyfall (Torrential Rain)

In the Skyfall pilot, Gothenburg's digital twin has been tested in terms of work on securing the city against torrential rain. Simulated flood data from the City of Gothenburg has been visualised in...
Exempelbild till Social hållbarhet i stadsutveckling

Social sustainability in urban development

In this pilot, we collaborated on a study of how an easily accessible technical interface to the city's digital twin could strengthen both residents and civil servants and support the common work for...
Stadens siluett

City Skyline

In the pilot City Silhouette, we looked at how game engines can strengthen the dialogue between developers and City Planning Offices, in their task to harmonize the city image between the future and...

We will provide you with assistance

You may be a business developer, entrepreneur, data analyst, visualiser, innovator or researcher. Whether you find yourself in the business, public or education sectors, our network can help you turn your ideas into reality.

Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab
Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Why do we need a lab?

We are experiencing a transition to a digital world. This transition is a process of change that not only entails considerable potential but also major challenges. In Virtual Gothenburg Lab, we are looking for ways to exploit digitalisation and the city's digital twin to tackle the global challenges of the future, and take decision-making to the next level. In order to understand the best way to create value rapidly in this period of transition, we need to be able to test and be given a chance to fail, before subsequently developing and expanding what is needed to take us in the desired direction. It is a long but exciting and inspiring journey, where the focus is not only on use in terms of technology and data, but also on work processes and business models.


Virtual Gothenburg is a reflection of the physical reality and allows us to visualize and simulate different projects related to the city. The digital twin contains large amounts of urban data on everything from trees to street lighting and will continue to evolve in tandem with the test bed. The business world is a major contributor to this development work, as it on the basis of good interaction that the work to bring about change gains momentum, and the test bed is the place where we can meet.

illustration innovation

Your needs in focus!

Virtual Gothenburg Lab is under development and is now opening up for tests related to Gothenburg City’s digital twin. Is there something you need to test? Get in touch with us!