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Visualization environment

personer vid stor skärm
många personer i studio som tittar på skrämen iVisual Arenas studio
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Visual Arena is a venue for visualization and our premises offer great opportunities for organizing events and to visualization projects.

Kvinna sitter vid kontrollpanel och styr en stor skärm som visar en digital tvilling av en stad.

In Visual Arena's premises, there is the opportunity to hold meetings with high-tech equipment, test new technologies and learn more about visualization.

Kvinna labbar i VR, häftig belyst och färgglad bakgrund

Our unique, open visualization studio is located at the heart of Lindholmen Science Park. All users, developers or people interested in visualization can reserve our premises. The studio has one of the largest 4K monitors in Europe and theater seating for 70 people. You can also book our lobby, a pleasant meeting space for meetings or workshops. You can also participate in arranging events in visualization - inspire and spread knowledge to our network!

Premises and technology

Read more about our premises and the technology available.

Man på scen


The Visual Arena studio is suitable for all types of gatherings and offers a combination of intimate and pleasant environment with a high technical experience.
Personer skrattar i Visual arenas lobby och samarbetar.


Our lobby is a pleasant meeting space for up to 80 people. It is suitable for workshops, seminars, mixers, lunches etc.
Person using VR

VR headsets

The most advanced versions of Pico G2 and Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are at Visual Arena.
Person using Motion Capture

Motion Capture

Visual Arena Members have access to motion capture equipment consisting of an eight-camera system.