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VR headsets

Person using VR

The most advanced versions of Pico G2 and Oculus Go, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are at Visual Arena.

To book our VR equipment, the booking must have a connection to visualization.

For booking email:

Our VR headsets

VR glasögon

2 HTC Vive units

They have two sensors that register the slightest movement of your headset and two accompanying hand controls. This precision combined with higher resolution and image frequency provide a VR experience that has never been seen before.

VR glasögon

2 Oculus Rift units

They have a similar headset with approximately the same display, resolution and frequency. The big difference is the technology for tracking. Oculus uses camera technology, which makes the area for use smaller.

VR glasögon

8 Pico units

Pico G2 is an all-in-one headset for VR experiences. It is light and comfortable. Thanks to a unique collaboration with Pico Interactive, we have 8 headsets available. With our system called the Cinema of the Future, the audience can enjoy the same immersive experiences at the same time. There are a whole host of companies that choose immersive communication to train employees or reach potential customers. We are proud to be the first to offer the possibility of showing 360 degree films in a VR cinema! 

VR glasögon

10 Oculus Go units

Oculus Go is an all-in-one headset for VR. Since it is an entirely freestanding VR, you can go wherever you want without having to connect to a telephone or computer. The Oculus platform offers a wide range of experiences. By offering several different heads, we give our visitors the possibility of testing the different experiences on the different platforms. If you are an XR creator, you can test your app, game or film on the various hardware solutions that we offer.

If you have questions about our technology, contact:

Premises and technology

Read more about our premises and the technology available.

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The Visual Arena studio is suitable for all types of gatherings and offers a combination of intimate and pleasant environment with a high technical experience.
Personer skrattar i Visual arenas lobby och samarbetar.


Our lobby is a pleasant meeting space for up to 80 people. It is suitable for workshops, seminars, mixers, lunches etc.
Person using Motion Capture

Motion Capture

Visual Arena Members have access to motion capture equipment consisting of an eight-camera system.