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Architectural Visualization Days 2017

Visual Arena Lindholmen, Lindholmspiren 3B, Gothenburg

We proudly present Architectural Visualization Days 2017! Meet and listen to the fantastic artists Archmospheres, Tegmark and Luxigon. Enjoy training sessions with Render Legion, iToo Software and Chaos Group.

Arrangeras av: 
Visual Arena and visualizers at leading architecture and visualization companies: Andreas Laessker Vizualisation
Arkitektbyrån Design
Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder
Råformat Visualiseringsbyrå
Sweco Architects


Archmospheres focus on the variety of atmospheres




Tegmark brings possible worlds to life




Award winning Architectural Visualization Studio:

Luxigon brings their magic to us! 





September 21
08.30 Registration & breakfast 
09.00 Welcome to Visual Arena
09.30 Tegmark
10.45 Coffee break
11.00 Archmospheres
12.15 Lunch
13.30 Luxigon
14.45 Coffee break 
15.15 Theme session
16.15 Wrap-up and after work at Radisson Blue

September 22 - Training Sessions
08.30 Registration & breakfast 
09.00 Render Legion
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 iToo Software
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Chaos Group
15.00 Wrap-up and coffee

There is an exhibition both days where you can meet sponsors, learn more about the project "Norm-creative visualization in urban development", meet students from Yrgo and see their great architectural visualizations.

With reservation for programme changes. Update: Unfortunately, Quixel has cancelled their training session on September 22.​ 

Getting to Visual Arena


Be inspired and meet peers in the business 

The Architectural Visualization Days is a meeting place for architectural visualizers, 3D graphic designers and others with interest in the visual realism, artistic creations and visualization technology. This is an opportunity and a forum for exchange of knowledge and inspiration in architecture visualization. Let us together contribute to innovation, new partnerships and strengthen visualization skills!

The event is organized by Visual Arena, Lindholmen Science Park in cooperation with visualizers at leading architecture and visualization companies: Andreas Laessker Vizualisation, Arkitektbyrån Design, Arkitekterna Krook & Tjäder, Råformat Visualiseringsbyrå, Sweco Architects and White. 


Registration is fully booked.



Comments from participants from past conferences

"Enormous value for small money. Best event of this kind in Scandinavia!" (Visitor, AVD 2015)  "AVD is a great experience. It is a good sized venue and it's just the right amount of information for one day. I had a great experience as i did last year." (Visitor, AVD 2015)  "Thank you very much for a great and well organized AVD!" (Visitor, AVD 2015) "Excellent and inspiring day" (Visitor, AVD 2014)

Read more about last year's conference (in Swedish) 

Hotel reservation

For participants at the Architectural Visualization Days 2017 the hotel Radisson Blu Riverside Hotel at Lindholmen offers a discount. (You can change the date for just one night at the bottom left of the page and then press "Search again".)


Conference Exhibition and Sponsors

Take the opportunity to show your company for 3D graphic designers and visualizers. Last year’s event attracted more than 70 visitors from a dozen architectural firms.

For information about sponsorship packages:

Contact Åsa Andblad, asa.andblad@lindholmen.se, +46 31 764 70 38.