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Ljud för 360° film och VR, Workshop

Demostudion, Lindholmspiren 3-5, Lindholmen Science Park

Narrative VR lab bjuder tillsammans med Kultur i Väst på workshopen Spatial Audio for 360 and VR. Här kommer du att lära dig grunderna för att "placera ut ljudet i ett virtuellt rum". Arbetsspråket är engelska.

Arrangeras av: 
Kultur i Väst
Narrative VR Lab

Vi kommer utifrån anmälningarna sätta ihop en grupp med hänsyn tagna till kriterier om kunskapsnivå, mångfald, kön, motivation och anmälningstid. Det är kostnadsfritt men antalet platser är begränsat till max 10. Besked om du är antagen till workshopen ges senast 19 december per e-post.

A three-hour introductory workshop on techniques for recording, designing and editing 3D sound for 360 and VR.

  • The workshop will give an overview of the current state of immersive audio technology, and will give participants the opportunity to try some equipment for recording, editing and producing a 360 video with spatial sound. The workshop will cover binaural and ambisonic sound, microphones for 360 workflows, software tools for editing and positioning sound in a 3D environment, and methods for exporting immersive and spatial audio alongside video content.
  • At the end of the workshop, participants will have an overview of immersive sound for 360 video and VR, and will have learnt about some of the tools available for creating spatial audio content. Participants do not need to have any previous experience of sound technology to take part.
  • It is useful (but not essential) if participant’s are able to bring a pair of headphones and a laptop with the following audio software installed.

There is a free, fully-functioning demo version available for 60 daysREAPER digital audio workstation

Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation (free) 

For any questions, please contact: tim@timbishopartist.com

About Tim:
Tim Bishop is an English artist, living and working in Sweden. His artistic work focuses around the ways in which two individuals can connect with one another, both in a one-to-one encounter and within a group context. Through his practice he creates personal connections between artwork and audience, and prompts individual and, often, emotional responses through sensory, evocative and highly aesthetic experiences.

Tim’s work has been shown in Sweden, Norway, Romania, Russia andthe UK, including performances at Lunds konsthall, Arnolfini gallery in Bristol, and Kulturhuset in Stockholm, and screenings at Oslo Screen Festival and Moscow International Film Festival. Tim is also curator and director of Mono Festival, Sweden’s only festival dedicated to one-to-one and person-specific performance. Inaddition to his artistic practice, Tim is an accomplished sound designer and recordist in immersive sound techniques. As well as using these techniques heavily in his own work, Tim has also been involved in sound design for several 360 and VR projects, forexample, It Could Have Been Me and Alice-in-vr by Kreativitetsbanken (2017) and Escape From Sweden (Dir: Joshka Wessels, 2017).

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