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Norm-creative innovation

5 april 2016 13:15
Meeting room, 3rd floor, Kuggen, Lindholmen
Our values, ​​and taken for granted norms, play a role in all design and innovation - but we are often unaware of how. The risk is that we create solutions that do not work well for or even discriminate users. NOVA - Tools and methods for norm-creative innovation is a card-based material that builds awareness of how norms and values ​​play a role in the innovation process. The material is developed by four researchers with support from Vinnova. Design researcher Marcus Jahnke will talk about talk about norm-creative innovation and describe NOVA.
Organizer: Interaction Design, Department of Applied Information Technology Chalmers University of Technology | University of Gothenburg

Marcus Jahnke is a design researcher ( PhD) at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. His areas of interest are design-driven innovation, norm-creative innovation and innovation in multidisciplinary contexts.

Set up:
30 min presentation, 15 min discussion
Afterwards: Coffee and sweets in the lounge area