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The realisation of Virtual Reality

22 mars 2016 13:15
Meeting room, 3rd floor Kuggen Lindholmen
For decades Virtual Reality (VR) has enticed us with the prospect of designing entire virtual worlds for optimal interaction, engrossing experiences, and much more. After some early hype VR has been at the fringe of HCI for over a decade but this year “VR is becoming real” with the release of several major consumer products. In this seminar we will summarize the current development, discuss the potential of VR and outline our primary research interests.
Organizer: Interaction Design, Department of Applied Information Technology Chalmers University of Technology | University of Gothenburg

Daniel Sjölie has worked with Virtual Reality for over a decade and is currently focusing on how to design virtual environments optimized for efficient interaction using virtual and mixed reality.

Marco Fratarcangeli
is a researcher in Computational Graphics. He will present some of his past and ongoing research on 3D reconstruction and how it is useful to synthesize virtual environments and useful visualizations in the context of Automotive, Cultural Heritage, Archeology and Architecture.


Set up:
30 min presentation, 15 min discussion
Afterwards: Coffee and sweets in the lounge area