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Science and Gamification

19 april 2016 13:15
Meeting room, 3rd floor Kuggen Lindholmen
Welcome to the seminar on Science and Gamification, April 19! There is a tension between science and gamification in citizen science. Our ongoing work study’s how volunteers in two projects, Galaxy Zoo and Foldit, act in relation to this tension. How do volunteers challenge the configuration of gaming as part of scientific activity instantiated by scientists and developers? Studying this tension involves examining forum posts and interviews to understand how citizen science volunteers reconfigure the relationship between science and gamification.
Organizer: Interaction Design, Department of Applied Information Technology Chalmers University of Technology | University of Gothenburg
MARISA PONTI is Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Information Technology. Her current research focuses on the use of technology to enhance new forms of scientific activities involving amateurs. She is also interested in developing approaches to involve the general public in collaborative knowledge co-creation. Her academic background is multidisciplinary and includes studies in sociology and information science. 

THOMAS HILLMAN is Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Learning at the University of Gothenburg. He is a trained industrial designer with several years’ experience as an exhibition designer at museums in several countries. Thomas’ research examines the relationship between learning and technology in a wide variety of contexts from schools to museums and online communities 

Set up:
30 min presentation, 15 min discussion.
Afterwards: Coffee and sweets in the lounge area
Did you miss the last seminar?
Here is a video link to the seminar on Norm-creative innovation with Marcus Jahnke on April 5: https://play.gu.se/media/t/1_49s9g3q9
(in swedish)
Upcoming seminars?
See an attached list for an upcoming seminar in may.  Contact sara.ljungblad@chalmers.se if you would like to come and talk about ongoing work, and discuss with researchers in interaction design and other related areas.