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Welcome to the seminar on Empathy and innovation

3 maj 2016 13:15
Meeting room, 3rd floor, Kuggen, Lindholmen
Creativity is often highlighted when discussing innovation. But how do you trigger creativity? Which problems are interesting to solve and who might have the needs that you might be able to fulfill with your solution? In this session Kalle will share his thoughts and experiences of how empathy can be an important starting point for innovation can lead to new opportunities and surprising insights.
Organizer: Interaction Design, Department of Applied Information Technology Chalmers University of Technology | University of Gothenburg


Karl-Magnus ‘Kalle’ Möller is Innovation Driver for Ericsson in Gothenburg and has been part of introducing Design Thinking to a large R&D organization as well as driving innovation activities in many different forms. Kalle has twenty years of high-end product development experience in Hardware, Software and Systems.



Set up:
30 min presentation, 15 min discussion. Afterwards: Coffee and sweets in the lounge area



Upcoming seminars?
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