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Lunch seminar: VR in design and construction

Visual Arena, Lindholmspiren 3-5

Welcome to a seminar focusing on the practical use of 3D-visualization and Virtual Reality within design and construction.

Arrangeras av: 
Chalmers/Göteborgs universitet och Visual Arena

Mikael Johansson and Mattias Roupé from Construction Management, Chalmers, will present and discuss two recent research projects involving these technologies in real-world projects.

  • Collaborative design system which seamlessly integrates 3D-visualization, immersive VR, and an interactive touch-table.
  • Using system that gives supervisors and construction workers access to the BuildingInformationModel (BIM) on-site through a user-friendly VR-interface. 

This seminar is aimed to you who are interested in using VR as a planning tool.
The entrance is free, but the number of seats is limited so do not wait with your registration!

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