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Seminarium 3- Digital Twins for Cities: Organisatoriska och juridiska utmaningar


Many initiatives highlight the large potential of Digital Twins but fail to address obvious organisational or legal risks and liabilities of sharing data, connecting individual twins, location privacy, harmonising licenses, intellectual property rights, GDPR and many more. For Digital Twins to be trustworthy and efficient it is crucial to appropriately tackle these challenges. In this session, we will focus on some of the major organisational and legal issues when building and operating Digital Twins.

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DTCC Chalmers


Sarah Rock

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Roland van der Heijden

Since 2018 Roland has been working full time on the development of the Digital City of Rotterdam. Until 2022 we will continue to research, develop and build up the urban platform 'Digital City'.

Jaan Saar

Jaan has managed processes and IT in the construction industry for over 15 years. He joined the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs & Communications in 2018 with the goal to digitally transform construction in Estonia. He is currently working on developing the "e-construction platform" which will provide the backbone for data sharing throughout the building lifecycle and the national digital twin. He is also deputy chair of the EU BIM Task Group and a member of the buildingSMART Board of Directors.

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