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Visualize, Engage & Communicate

Visual Arena, Gothenburg

We are excited to welcome you to our workshop on the 3rd of march 13:00-15:00. This event is hosted by 9 students currently exploring the challenge of creating engagement for sustainability through visualization. This is part of Visual Arena's project "Experience to Insights Lab", where students explore burning topics in innovation and design sprints

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Visual Arena

During the event, you will explore the use of virtual reality as a tool for immersive and impactful experiences to create engagement. The workshop will also cover practical techniques for creating engaging and memorable visual aids, as well as discuss the importance of communication as a tool. Hence "Visualize, engage and communicate"!

These three words will set the theme for the workshop stations, and we hope that you will leave this event with newfound knowledge and inspiration. Your participation and experience are key to solving complex sustainability challenges!

We want to welcome all creatives, innovators and people interested in sustainability, visualization and engagement to join us for this event!

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Are you ready for a journey where curiosity and creativity are facilitated with the end in mind: a brighter future we will be proud of contributing to? Then the Visual Arena Experience to insights lab...