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The Data Bakery and Visualisation of Complexity. How can visualizations help us make sense of complex processes? How can we combine storytelling and design thinking to simplify innovation in such a fast-paced and challenging field as data and AI?

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Visual Arena

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Welcome to our seminar series VISUAL INSIGHTS where Erika Pauliukeviciute & Viktor Olsbo from Smartr discuss how visualizations can help not only with data insights but also with simplifying the work process itself to create a perfect environment for collaboration between user needs, financial viability, and technical feasibility. Smartr is a specialist agency that helps companies and organizations to use artificial intelligence to drive positive change. They combine academic ability and practical experience to make AI (Artificial Intelligence) understandable, value-creating, and possible. We would like to invite you to the online seminar and take you on a journey of working with innovation with data in the visual metaphor of a bakery. 

The Data Bakery and Visualization of Complexity

How can storytelling and design principles simplify the process of working with data, while allowing us to create concepts that are desirable, practical & technically possible? 

En illustration av vad the data bakery gör

In the Data Bakery, we take you on an imaginary trip to the world of baking with data. This analogy represents the whole chain of working with data and it is a way for making data understandable in an everyday setting, yet allowing to combine user, business, and tech perspectives. Telling stories helps us inspire opportunities, ideas, and solutions. In the Data Bakery framework, we utilise the power of storytelling, therefore with the help of baking analogy, help you to imagine better solutions to existing problems. At the same time, Design Thinking supplies a solution-based approach to solving problems. It is a way of thinking and working as well as a collection of hands-on methods. Design Thinking is an interactive process in which we look to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to find alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly clear without the first level of understanding. 

About Data Bakery: The Data Bakery is a simple and clear workshop-style game that quickly creates a common frame of reference, understanding of opportunities, needs, and challenges linked to data for the different departments of an organization, and a clear recipe for an efficient and applicable way going forward. 

• Location: Online 
• Date & Time: November 11th at 12.15

The inspirational lecture is given by Anna Hüllert & Erika Pauliukeviciute at Smartr

Erika Pauliukeviciute is a project manager, business developer and visual analyst with experience in data science & strategy at Smartr. 

Viktor Olsbo is a senior advisor and innovation lead within data & ai and also founder and CEO of Smartr.

After the lecture there will be a talk moderated by Susanna Glenndahl Thorslund from Visual Arena where you will be able to ask questions.


The seminar and talk will be in English.