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Speaker and partner abstracts

We proudly present the following speakers and partners at Architectural Visualization Day 2016:


Julia Fredriksson, Chalmers, and Marcus Jahnke, SP
Pre-study of norm critic visualization within city development 
Researchers Julia Fredriksson and Marcus Jahnke will discuss how stereotypical norms regarding for example gender, race and age are typically reproduced in architectural visualizations. They will base the discussion on a pre-study financed by Vinnova, managed by Visual Arena, on how a norm-critical approach may support more norm aware visualization, and how this in turn may lead to a more inclusive city planning.

Rafal Barnas, Unique Vision Studio
Rafals presentation will show his path of creative growth. It will be a kind of a story - from the first drawings till today's architectural visualization. From street theatre to films and animations. The presentation will include a lot of information about postproduction, potential of +2d techniques in animations and DSLR techniques in films. Also, he will try to prove that simple solutions are the best.

Matti Ööpik, Autodesk
Powerful workflows to create immersive design experiences

Simon Stålenhag
The principles of Kitchen-sink unrealism
Simon will guide you through his process of digital painting. In this presentation, he will focus on the technique of blending extraordinary structures with everyday ordinary environments. He will be demonstrating his workflow, preferred tools and talk about his artistic principles for how to make the unreal believable.

Adam Hotovy, Render Legion (Corona Renderer)
Adam will be talking about development plans and future of the Corona Renderer. His talk will include topics related to 3ds max & Cinema 4D plugins, VR, community, warez and a summary of the first year in business with the commercial version of Corona Renderer.

Paul Nicholls, Factory Fifteen

Paul Nicholls will take you on a visual journey through architectural representation at Factory Fifteen. From the still image to animation, from real-time VR. Paul will contextualise Factory Fifteen’s work within the wider context of the use of architecture in gaming, interactive visualisation, and virtual technologies. 

Paul Roberts, Itoosoft
Artist-friendly parametric modelling and scattering
Using demos and customer case studies iToo will be focusing on techniques and tips to help you get the most from Forest Pack and RailClone with a emphasis on new and recently added features.

Lucia Frascerra, DBOX
Lucia Frascerra from DBOX London will guide you through her development as a CGI designer, from how she started to the imagery she currently generates and the processes behind it.

Silvia Sola and Christiaan Klaassen, DBOX
Silvia Sola, Art Director and Christiaan, Partner at DBOX, will talk about 'people' and how they are key to the work we produce, their studio and the clients with whom we collaborate.