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EON Reality encouraging entrepreneurship

EON Reality is a leading interactive 3D visual content management and Virtual Reality software provider. Among with 30 other companies EON Reality is a Member of Visual Arena.
Photo: EON

EON Reality’s innovation program
EON Reality has established the EON Innovation Program to foster Virtual and Augmented Reality entrepreneurship. With the 3D market estimated to reach 227 billion USD in 2017, innovative ideas and unique applications will be crucial to satisfy the growing worldwide demand for Virtual and Augmented Reality applications. 

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Establishes its first entrepreneur school in Korea
Namseoul University, located in Cheonan City, South Korea, will adopt EON Reality’s interactive 3D visualization solutions and Virtual Reality platform as a core foundation for its Entrepreneur School program. The students will be immersed in interactive media, 3D technologies, and Virtual Reality solutions during the first three months before working on actual projects for the remainder of the program.

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Edutainment and Training Hub in Laval, France
EON Reality announces the establishment of a French based subsidiary, EON Reality SARL, and the founding of an Edutainment Hub in Laval, France. One of the key activities of the new company will be the production of Virtual Reality content for the edutainment sector including theme parks, science centers and museums. 

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