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Help us develop XR Scandinavia

måndag, december 6, 2021
Kvinna labbar i VR, häftig belyst och färgglad bakgrund

The XR-industry is growing fast. Visual Arena (Sweden) and Agder XR (Norway) are performing a prestudy to investigate the need and potential for a scandinavian XR network.

If you or your organization is active as a developer or user within the XR-sector (either in VR, AR or other kinds of mixed reality technologies) - we hope that you will help us develop this network in the best possible way by taking a few minutes to answer our survey. 

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What is your organization's experience with XR technology today?
What do you think it might mean for your business being part of XR Scandinavia?
Would you be interested in cooperation between university, businesses and public sector (triple helix model)?
Does your business have international ambitions?
As part of XR Scandinavia, what would you contribute that will benefit the network or other businesses?
What do you think XR Scandinavia can/shall do to help strengthen the XR industry in Scandinavia?

Contact us if you want to contribute further with the Scandinavian XR network!