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Nyhetsbrev från i4sense

Nedan kan du läsa det senaste nyhetsbrevet från i4sense som är ett av medlemsföretagen i Visual Arena Members.

Key happenings: 

  • Europe’s and perhaps the world's largest multi-touch display is now a fact of Visual Area in Gothenburg.
  • A new augmented reality project for Business Region Göteborg is delivered.
  • Our first game for iOS and Android is now available on the Appstore and Google Play.
  • Telia Sonera updates their Multi-touch software to the latest in i4sense arsenal.


Fight of the Valkyries is i4sense’s first game published on the Appstore and Google Play. The game is an action game for 2 to 4 players. Players control an airplane and with tactical flying and smart attacks, fighters down their opponents. Download here!

Telia Sonera's flag store in Stockholm gets the latest and the greatest in interactive visualization technology. New features include games, dynamic information and improved graphics.


i4sense has provided the 6 x 3.2 meter large display at Visual Arena Lindholmen with true multi-touch. The touch system installed is i4sense’s laser-based multi-touch system which has the advantage that it is possible to scale up to these sizes and even bigger without problems and with no loss of functionality. i4sense’s laser-based system supports an unlimited number of interaction points, which is a prerequisite for installations like this where several people at once will work with content on the screen.

Augmented Reality

Business Region Göteborg and City Planning wanted to visualize seven areas in Gothenburg in a new and innovative way . These areas all have in common that there will be major changes and with new construction. Using i4sense’s new concept for area visualization and augmented reality made ​​it possible. Via an iPad the user views a physical map and the iPad visualizes the areas in 3D. Existing buildings in one color and the new planned in another.

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