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XR Scandinavia

XR Scandinavia is a prestudy where Visual Arena and Agder XR examine the possibilities for an innovative and competitive ecosystem for Extended Reality (XR) technology in Scandinavia.

XR / VR Visual Arena

The XR-industry is growing fast. Competition is strong, especially from the US and Asia. To release and utilize the XR potential in Scandinavia, we believe that there is a need for more and better organized cooperation across Scandinavian borders. Do you which to to strengthen international cooperation around XR? 


Visual Arena and Agder XR have been granted support from Interreg. ØKS for a pre-project to examine the need and possibilities for an open, innovative and competitive ecosystem/network for XR technology in Scandinavia, primarily between the regions of Agder, Vestre-Götaland og Nord-/Midt-Jylland.

Our aim is to gather a fragmented XR industry, to strengthen our competence, research and innovation. We want our regions, but also our countries,  to take a bigger part of a rapidly growing XR market, and we believe that everyone involved will profit from being part of such a network. Central for the project is also to contribute to a sustainable development in the ØKS region.

Event, Visual Arena

XR Scandinavia will be a network and a meeting place for academic institutions, businesses and public service that promotes competence building, research, innovation, technical development, cooperation  and sustainability.